Autonomous Farm

21st century farmers are facing tremendous challenges with unforgiving weather and labor shortages.

We designed our autonomous farm solutions with these challenges in mind:

Deliver the safest, most reliable, efficient and easy to adopt technology.

To make it available 24/7 in any weather with minimal labor.

BlueWhite Platform

Allows one operator to manage a fleet of autonomous air & ground vehicles, seamlessly and safely. Designed to be vehicle agnostic, our control platform can manage and control any tractor, robot or drone. Optimal planning and variety of actionable insights are in your hands, anywhere in real time.

Platform tablet

Autonomous Kit


Our self driving tractor kit converts any existing tractors to fully autonomous. With smart mapping, multiple sensors and AI, we ensure ultra-high precision, real-time situation awareness and best in class safety. Preserve your investment in the equipment you trust with the best self driving tractor on the market.


Our boots on the ground service and support for easy adoption, transition and empowerment of your farm management team. We’ll be right there when you need us.

Blue White Robotics autonomous tractor kit
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Blue White Robotics platform

Your autonomy partner

We work with many agri-tech companies to provide a better holistic solution. From farm management applications and crop diagnostics to robotics, BlueWhite Platform improves connectivity and data to decision efficiency. Our Robots-as-a-Service enhance our partner’s customer exposure and operational capabilities

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