Blue White Robotics

Dependable Autonomous

Our autonomous systems provide scalable, flexible and 24/7 operations for first responders.
We deeply understand the risks and demands of first responders and offer real-time, reliable solutions that save lives.


A revolutionary multi vehicle command and control system with open architecture, allowing different aircraft to be coordinated remotely for combined operations. 

Remote Operation Center

Our solution provides first responders real-time situational awareness from a remote management center. Integrated into existing assets and triggers, Soteria gives your mission management team full visibility of parameter security.

Drone in a box

Unique drone in a box solution

Both tethered or free flight for 24/7 operation in urban areas

Easily mobilized on regular pick-up trucks

This solution supported by

BIRD Foundation Grant

The BIRD Foundation was established by the U.S. and Israeli governments in 1977 to generate mutually beneficial cooperation between U.S. and Israeli companies, including start-ups and established organizations. 

Co-developed with

Easy Aerial

Through our mutual experience and valuable partnership with Blue White Robotics, we've developed unique solutions for first responders and earned a prestigious BIRD Foundation Grant. Our combined expertise in autonomous technologies, help our clients to rapidly adopt these life-saving solutions.

Ido Gur, CEO​