BlueWhite Platform

Autonomy NOW

Improving efficiency & utilization with a variety of autonomous vehicles.
Our platform plans and executes autonomous operation while leveraging remote sensing, data, and AI

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Reports, data collected and
insights distributed through multiple
channels, dashboards and API

Smart communication enables
on-site and remote stations to monitor
performance and safety

BlueWhite Platform conducts optimal
planning and manages the whole
robotic fleet in real time

Maximum safety,

minimum labor

Multiple safety layers, smart decision making and safety protocols enables to provide best autonomous capabilities NOW, without a compromise. 

Autonomous tractor vehicle obstacle
Blue White Robotics autonomous tractor

Seamless adoption

Leveraging years of experience in autonomous systems design, our team design the platform to be operated by anyone.


Our Vehicle agnostic API enables us to manage any vehicle, drone or robot, alongside smart connectivity to a variety of farm management applications, analytics and tools.

Drone and autonomous tractor
Blue White Robotics platform

Your autonomy partner

We work with multiple robotics and software companies to provide a better autonomous solution. BlueWhite Platfrom improves connectivity and operation efficiency, and our Robot-as-a-Serivce enhance our partner’s customer exposure operational abilities. 

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