Blue White Robotics

Autonomous Mobility

Growing cities need safer and faster transportation for a sustainable future.
With autonomous mobility we are making safety and efficiency as important
as rapid and convenient travel.

Autonomous Shuttles

Autonomous Shuttles solve for affordable and reliable transportation where traffic management is a critical need. Our systems improve safety and efficiency for corporate parks and campuses with a comfortable and familiar ride.

Complete autonomous public transportation solution for smart cities of the future, corporate parks, industrial areas and campuses .

Autonomous shuttle
Medical delivery drone

Drones Deliveries

We take advantage of innovative new technologies for on-demand, rapid aerial deliveries for commercial and first responders needs. Our wide variety of drones and remote management platform expand the limits of urban mobility.

Mobility LAB
Testing & Certification

Blue White Robotics operates a full safety and compliance test facility for autonomous vehicles and smart driving technology. We offer end-to-end testing & certification services for autonomous vehicles and smart mobility.

Blue White Robotics autonomous lab